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NO Xaml was found at ...

Aug 9, 2011 at 9:53 PM

Hello all,

I am using SL 4, Prism v4, VS 2010.  

in my bootstrapper, I am must be able to load the module catalog from XAML since i want to be able to deploy my XAP independently.  

in CreateModuleCatalog method in my bootstrapper I have

var moduleCatalog = Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Modularity.ModuleCatalog.CreateFromXaml(new Uri("/Canoe.Studio.Client;component/ModulesCatalog.xaml"UriKind.Relative));
return moduleCatalog;
It load fine, since i have the "module" in the collection of module catalog.  
My ModulesCatalog looks like 
<prism:ModuleInfoGroup Ref="Canoe.Studio.Modules.Main.xap" InitializationMode="WhenAvailable">
	<prism:ModuleInfo ModuleName="MainModule" ModuleType="Canoe.Studio.Modules.Main.MainModule, Canoe.Studio.Modules.Main, Version="/>
My module Assembly Name = Canoe.Studio.Modules.Main and my namespace is Canoe.Studio.Modules.Main, my class that implements IModule is called MainModule.

whenever i try to run this application I get 'No XAML was found at the location '/Canoe.Studio.Modules.Main;component/ViewPages/HomePage.xaml'.

But I have a folder named ViewPages, and a page called HomePage.xaml..

Any suggestions?